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Frequently Asked Questions


If not, please contact me I will be happy to answer any of your questions

You do not have any kittens listed on your kitten available page.  When will you next have kittens?

If you like our facebook page on the link below to save you going back and forth to our website I will have up to date information on what is happening with the girls and their babies.


Why a Burmese?

Burmese are one of the most loyal, affectionate and intelligent of the cat world.  A lot of different breeders will claim to this but owning a boarding cattery and meeting so many different breeds I do feel I can state this with some expertise and experience in handling and looking after so many different breeds.

Is there anything better than a Burmese?

Yes two Burmese as friends.

Are they suited for indoor or outdoor homes?

I highly recommend you keep your Burmese as indoor cats.  As an indoor cat you know perfectly well that your cat is 100% safe from all the outside elements, car, dogs, other cats, someone stealing them, ticks, fleas, rain and hail.

How much are they?

The boys are $750.00 

What does that include?

All my kittens are microchipped, their first vaccination, pet insurance for six weeks and a kitten pack which includes Royal Canin food. 

Why don't you desex your kittens and some breeders do?

I cannot comment for others but I do not desex  my kittens before they leave us as I feel the anthestic is not necessary on such a young kitten.  Most breeders will tell you they sail through the operation, which is true, but I worry about the long term affect on babies at such a young age.   I recommend kittens are desexed at 4 to 5 months of age.  But if in doubt please check with your own vet what their preference is and you will find most vets would PREFER kittens are desexed from 4 to 5 months onwards.  

Have you cats been tested for Hypokalemia?

Yes, all my cats have been tested and are negative for Hypokalemia and also GM2.

What is Hypokalemia as some breeders have mentioned this to me?

It is a potassium definancy which if your Burmese is diagnosed with this will require DAILY medication. 

How much grooming do Burmese require?

Hopefully none as your will be loving and patting your Burmese everyday.  Just normal everyday stroking is a good form of grooming.  Each day I stroke my cats quite firmly and this is generally enough except when they have a change of coat and then may need a weekly comb through.  When you come to visit I will show how easy and enjoyabble it is to groom your Burmese.